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Solving Business Challenges at Management Levels

Solving Business Challenges at Management Levels

1.Explain the core concerns and time horizons of each level of management.

2.Define what a standard operating procedure (SOP) is and give an example.

3.Explain each component of the ACID test.

4.4Explain the differences between batch and online processing.

5.Describe the flow of information in transaction processing.

Transportation management systems

What is the function of POM in an organization? What trends are contributing to the growing use of TMS? Define logistics management. What are the three categories of inventory costs? What are the objectives of JIT? Explain the difference between EOQ and JIT inventory models. What is the goal of lean manufacturing? What is CIM?

Sales and marketing systems

Explain push-through marketing and pull-through marketing. List two sales and distribution channels. Describe profitability analysis.

Regulatory systems

What is extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)? Why does the SEC mandate data disclosure, whereby data items are tagged to make them easily searchable? What is insider fraud? What are some other terms for insider fraud? What is fraud risk management? What four factors increase the risk of fraud? Explain how accounting ISs can help deter fraud. Define capital budgeting. What is the purpose of auditing?

Human Resource systems

What are the key HR functions? What are the benefits of moving HRISs to intranets or the cloud? Why have companies implemented SaaS HR? What concerns have deterred companies from implementing SaaS HR? How can companies reduce the cost of recruiting qualified employees? Describe IT support for HR planning and control. What are ethical issues related to HRM apps?

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