Summative Assignment Part One

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Summative Assignment Part One

Assignment Guidelines

Summative Assignment Part One: This is in the form of a 1,500 word written essay. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Within your written essay you will need to address the following learning outcomes:

1 Discuss the history of nursing and the role of nurses in contemporary society
2 Identify and discuss the fundamental interpersonal skills and principles of competent nursing and demonstrate the ability to apply these skills when carrying out holistic care with services and others.
3 Identify the Government policy drivers and reports relating to compassionate care delivery.
4 Review concepts of compassion and their application to good practice in caring for  service users
5 Consider the concepts of professionalism and the impact of professional regulation and accountability on practice


  • Remember you must address the learning outcomes and follow the guidance in your handbooks for the formatting and presentation of your work.
  • Proof read your work prior to submission (or even better get someone else to have a look for spelling and grammatical errors)
  • Take care with referencing. Use BISSTO guidance on the library webpage for further help and guidance

Use your tutor for formative feedback and guidance! ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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