Super Bowl Commercials Quiz

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Super Bowl Commercials Quiz

EMAIL Assignment / Super Bowl Commercials

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Every year, companies spend millions of dollars creating Super Bowl commercials. These ads are shown during the game (and online over and over again), and the commercials are then judged by millions of viewers.

Audiences (and media critics) decide if the commercials shown during the game “worked” or not. If the commercial is considered good or great by audiences, the positive feedback can lead to millions of dollars in revenue and advertisement for the company responsible for the ad. But, if the commercial “doesn’t work” the negative feedback and wasted money can be a disaster for a company.

I am taking an informal poll, asking students to give their opinions on this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

What commercial was your favorite? Briefly describe the commercial. Then, explain why you feel this commercial worked so well. Give me as much information/examples about the commercial necessary to make your opinion clear. Avoid vague, obvious answers: it was funny, it was cute, it was clever. These answers only work if you detail them with clear examples and support. Super Bowl Commercials Quiz

Also, which Super Bowl commercial did you not enjoy at all? Why do you feel this particular ad was so bad? Give me some detail about the ad and why it failed to impress you.


Send me a properly formatted email, your email should be clear, detailed, and well-written. As usual, the length of the assignment is up to you. Give me details, but be sure your writing is direct and to the point.

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