SWD Assignment

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SWD Assignment

Water lack is turning into an overall issue and an emergency for development and conflicting. A lot of ocean side urban areas are within the shortage of fresh water. There have been a massive advances in how technology is used to improve the sea water desalination. One of the solutions for solving such a problem especially to the areas near sea is by using the sea water desalination process. Desalination can be defined as the process whereby salt (NaCl) and other minerals are removed from the sea water to make it good enough for human utilization and other daily uses. At least three main methods of sea water desalination process exists, namely thermal, electrical, and pressure. Such as distillation, flash, and reverse osmosis membrane. The most common type of sea water desalination is…


Desalination is particularly relevant in dry countries such as gulf countries. There are many sea water desalination plants around the world. The biggest producer of desalinated water of its kind in the world, is the Ras Al Khair Desalination Plant. The plant is located in Saudi Arabia where over 70% of its water needs are fulfilled by desalination. The desalination process is based on reverse osmosis desalination. The plant has a capacity to produce 728 million liters per day. The second plant is located in israel called Sorek. Its one of the most advanced sea water desalination plant. The plant depends on the reverse osmosis method and produces up to 627,000 cubic meters of water daily.


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