TAE40116 Training & Assessment

TAE40116 Training & Assessment

Unit code and title: TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs; TAEDES402 Use Training Packages and accredited courses to meet client needs; TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills (partial)

Resources required

  • Access to a computer and internet
    • Moodle logins
    • A unit of competency BSBCMM401 Make a presentation from https://training.gov.au/
    • Appendix 3 ACME Request for training
    • Appendix 5 Risk Control Plan

Decision making rules To achieve an overall satisfactory result for this assessment task:

  • Completed Design Cluster Assessment Task 2
    • Completed with Professional formatting and submitted on Moodle by due date

Learner instructions

  1. Step 1. You are required to develop a work-based learning program for a client (ACME) aided at developing presentation skills and require knowledge for relevant to ACME specific industry. Please read the ACME case study and identify the requirement from the case study which help you in selecting the right qualification for your cohort.
  2. Step 2. In the unit TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs you analysed the training requirements based on the ACME Case study (Appendix 3).
    Note: This learning program will be contextualised according to the client’s needs and select the qualification which fulfil the ACME specific need based on the entire Unit of Competency ‘BSBCMM401 Make a presentation’ to improve their trainers’ oral communication skill as an elective.
  3. Step 3: Complete ALL Part 1,2,3 ,4 & 5 by using the table provided in template (Template: Design cluster – Assessment task 2) and follow the additional instructions in each part.
    Note: Please refer to http://training.gov.au to find information on relevant training packages/qualification to complete Design Cluster – Assessment Task 2 ACME Learning Program template and include the following information in your learning program:


You need to explain the purpose of the ACME learning program. What are the characteristics of the learner cohort that you are going to deliver your program to and identify the support that the ACME learner cohort will need during your delivery of the program.

You need to provide relevant information about the qualification you will choose to deliver according to ACME requirements. You need to choose the qualification from training.gov.au. The qualification must be relevant to ACME industry. You must remember the client needs in selecting the elective for ACME cohort. The core and elective units must be relevant to the ACME industry which you will be required to include in the learning program.

You must make sure that you include the other training specifications relevant to the training according to the training package requirements or any other specific needs you need to cater during your delivery of the qualification. You need to consider where and how the training will be delivered

Determine how you will support the identified LLN skill needs of the learner group (you identified in your assessment task 1 – Table 3):

  • LLN specialist support requirements?
  • Support Strategies – how will you adjust your training and assessment methods to support the learners?
  • Support Resources – what resources could you include to support the learners during training and assessment?
  • 2 instructional strategies that will support identified LLN needs of the group


You are required to complete the training packaging rule, also include the unit details for core and elective.
Note: you must import one unit according to training package rule “Make a presentation” to address your client needs.
Identify language, literacy and numeracy requirements of the unit.

List all the training resources you will need for your training.

Explain what competences the trainer and assessor must hold.

Research and analyse the existing resource for suitability and consider whether it’s worth purchasing. Explain how you would use this during training. If you would not use this resource explain why not.

You can access IBSA sample resource ‘BSBCMM4011F-Small-Sample.pdf’ on Moodle or find your own.
Review 2 learning resources (provided in ‘Appendix 4 Learning Resources’) and evaluate how well the resources support LLN needs of the ACME learner group.

Consider the assessment requirements of the unit, including the assessment methods, assessment tools and resources.


Develop a delivery plan incorporating all the three elements and all performance criteria of the unit BSBCMM411 Make a presentation. You need to copy the Elements and Performance criteria from Unit of Competency in your delivery plan and contextualise your delivery plan which will be suitable to your ACME leaner.

Design each element in a separate row to reflect a different session. Plan 3 delivery sessions, each session in duration of 30 minutes.

Your delivery plan should include the learning outcomes, content/information to cover all the performance criteria from the chosen element, different delivery methods and resources you will use to maximise learning for students.
Note: You will deliver one (1) of the sessions from this plan to the group of 8 students as part of the assessment requirements for the unit TAEDEL401 Plan and organise group-based learning


Consider the workplace, the training to be undertaken, the learner cohort and information from the ACME Case Study to identify possible risks in the learning environment and complete the risk control plan (Appendix 5 Risk Control Plan). Identify at least THREE (3) risks.


  • Review your entire learning program with another 2 students in the class.
  • Ensure you identify at least TWO recommendations, TWO strengths and TWO suggestions for improvement of the program.

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