The legend of Sleepy Hollow Essay

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The legend of Sleepy Hollow Essay (585 words)

Legend of the Sleepy Hollow is a short authored by Washington Irving; the story depicts the Ichabod as the main character and a teacher in a small village in New York. The resident of the village are of Dutch descent thus they are conservatives of the Dutch culture and are still resistant to modernization. Ichabod comes to Sleepy Hollow as teacher and eventually falls in love with a beautiful lady called Katrina. However Ichabod is not the only man who has noticed the beauty of Katrina as there are other suitors too. In a nutshell, the story is underpinned by lover, culture, local folks and the supernatural powers. By analyzing the setting of the Sleepy Hollow, this paper seeks to illustrate why the author preferred U.S. for the setting to a European country.

The plot of the story required a setting that is diverse and a land of opportunities all together; therefore America is more ideal as compared to European countries (Gale). For instance Ichabod being a teacher and a talented musician, a setup where both music and education would make and individual to prosper would…Continue Reading….

…..Further proof that Ichabod was not discriminated upon by the locals was the fact that he was accepted as a teacher both of academics and a music trainer by the locals entrusting him with future of their child (Gale).

Therefore the setting of this short story was chosen based on the setup of the plot theme and the objective of capturing particular themes in combination with the plot of the story. All the factors combined results to creation of an exemplary story as portrayed in this short story of Ichabod a comedic character that disappears after meeting the headless man.


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