Tourism in Tokyo Japan

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Fact Sheet on Tourism in Tokyo Japan


Tokyo Japan is the most recognized tourist centers in the world. It is due to the fact that the center has various tourist attractions sites, modern hotels and a conducive environment for touring activities (Watkins, 2010, p. 6). Tokyo Japan attracts most tourists who visit Japan in every summer of the year. The high number of tourist activities in Tokyo Japan contributes to the growth of Japan’s economy. Click here to ORDER NOW

Number of international visitors

Basing on various reports, the estimated number of international Japan travelers in 2018 January was 2.5 million (2,501,500), this proves an increase of over 9%   from the previous years. More than 80% of the tourists are from Asia. In 2016, the number of foreigners’ visits in Japan amounted to 24.03 million which exited the target they had of 20 million.

Key attraction sites

Mount Fuji which is the most recognized landmark. It is the country’s highest mountain peak with over 3,776 meters over the other largely landscape tall enough to be seen from Tokyo, 100 kilometers away. It is the most considered iconic recognized by the UNESCO.

The Imperial Palace surrounded by walls and moats with its beautiful 17th-century parks. Many fine views of the palace from the surrounding. Click here to ORDER NOW

Ginza District: Shop ‘til the Drop. It is the busiest shopping centers in the Tokyo and commercial center for the country over centuries. It has the famous Kabuki-za Theater as well as Shimbashi Enbujo in which Azuma and-Odori dances and the performance of Bunraku are staged forming a basis for tourists.

The Asakusa and the Senso-Ji Temple. It is the most famous shrine of the Tokyo city and stands at the long street of shops where masks, carvings, combs made of wood and ebony, kimonos, toys, fabrics and precious paper goods (Chon et al, 2000, p. 10).

National Museum of nature and science. The Ueno Park is a superb national museum of nature and science popularly known to be Kagaku Hakubutsukan).

Ueno Park and Zoo is another site which looks like a paradise like an oasis of green in the heart of the busy city of Tokyo and it is the most tourist attraction site. It also has a zoo, aquarium, and variety of temples and museums to explore.

Tokyo national museum. The museum houses various artworks amounting to 100,000 important works of Japanese, Indian and Chinese art.

    1. National Museum of western art commonly called Kokuritsu Seiyo Bijutsukan that was built in 1959 by the famous Swiss architect.

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