Training & Developing Environment

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Training & Developing Environment


Upgrading and advancing the skills and capabilities of the workforce has been considered as one of the empirical tasks for any of the business organization. This process has been given as the highest priority as the employees are considered as one of the most valuable assets of the business corporation. Training and development is the process through which the enterprise can bring up-gradations in the skills and potential of an individual in order to enhance their performance level resulting from an increase in the productivity of the organization (Arnold, 2016). This mechanism is one of the biggest management tools for advancing and bringing growth to the business firm. The below-presented report has been focused on one of the Australian multinational corporations of the hospitality industry. BHP Billiton is one of the biggest brand names in the sector and the below-presented report is aimed at the training and development process of this company. Training & Developing Environment


Forces integral to the organization

According to the research, it has been evaluated that there is the varied range of elements that are stimulating the process of training and development within the business environment and the same is with BHP Billiton. And as per the given scenario, globalization is the chosen factor that is affecting the process of training and development of the firm (Asfaw, Argaw & Bayissa, 2015). As the enterprise is a multinational brand and is executing the operations on the international level and consequently the concept of globalization has been considered as a huge term that will impact the association. And furthermore, the way toward training and development inside the workplace is likewise influenced by globalization. Preparing and improvement are one of the vital undertakings that are required to be executed basically and viable for the headway of the workforce. Some of the basic components of this process are timely and regular training sessions for updating the knowledge and encouraging an open communication process for motivating employees. This will aid the entity in bringing an increase in productivity and profitability….Show More Content….

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