UGB 335 Strategic Marketing

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UGB 335 Strategic Marketing

Project Assignment: The Raytheon Company

1. Situation Analysis

  • Academic initiatives to be considered- strategic summary of PEST analysis, SWOT, Porter 5- Forces Model

2. Critical Company Analysis (Specifically on the “Defense Division)

  • Examine the vision, mission of Raytheon using “the resource based view model” on its resources and capabilities as a tool for internal analysis

3. Competitive Analysis (Specifically on the “Defense Division” mainly

  • Competitor profiles (mainly closely related players) or their strategic roles as market leaders, challengers, followers or niches;
  • Their positioning strategy and marketing mix (if known)

4. Critical Customer Analysis (military/defense/security markets)

  • Marketing application of S-T-P
  • Strategies on market segmentation; market targeting (Differentiated/ Undifferentiated/ Concentrated Marketing/ Niche Marketing/ Micro-Marketing i.e I-to-I or Mass customization
  • Market positioning strategy
  • To use perceptual brand map to illustrate positions of players in the same strategic group
  • Make sure the two dimensions used to construct the map are really important brand choice criteria

Part II: Challenges facing Raytheon in achieving strategic marketing success (60%) Approximately 2500 words

1. Considerations of Directional and Growth Strategies


  • BCG share growth matrix
  • Ansoff Market Expansion Grid
  • Porter’s Generic Strategy

2. Examination of some but not all of the module’s key topics (*select 2 to 3 of these to concentrate on)


  • Creating customer value
  • Relationship marketing strategies
  • Branding strategies


  • Tables, chart and appendices
  • Use secondary data to substantiate your argument
  • Key marketing theories/ models for illustration

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