UNIQLO Supply Network Design

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UNIQLO Supply Network Design


Another major decision in operations strategy is location since it determines company´s capabilities in key performance indicators like lead time, on-time delivery, service responsiveness, accessibility and convenience, etc.  In this session we will learn:

  • What is network design?
  • How should the network operations be configured?
  • Where should operations be located?

Session Objectives

  • To learn what are the principles of neworks design
  • To apply the principles of network design


  • Supplemented Read chapter 11 on Supply Network Design
  • Read and prepare the case of Uniqlo

Prepare a report for the UNIQLO,case. Use the following as guidelines plus your own questions:

  • Uniqlo’s network operations had proved effective in the Asia Pacific region, but could the same model be scaled worldwide?
  • Was the low growth rate Uniqlo experienced in the US, and particularly Europe, also due to the limitations of its current network operations?
  • What would you suggest to UNIQLO in termos of improving its network capabilities to support business international growth?


UNIQLO Supply Network Design

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