Vice President of Operations

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Vice President of Operations, Part 1


The study aims to evaluate the key elements of organization’s operational efficiency and formulation of a new operations strategy for Walmart Inc. Some of the main aspects of the study have stated about the competitive priorities such as cost, quality, time, and flexibility (Muñoz, Kenny & Stecher, 2018).

Vision and Mission

The corporate vision and mission statement relates to the fundamental guiding principles of a particular business. In this consideration the success of the company is linked to the effectiveness which is seen to follow growth strategy as per Porter’s model and Ansoff Matrix.


Business strategy

The company is seen to follow cost leadership generic strategy. This is mainly advantageous as per including competitors such as Inc. and its subsidiary Whole Foods Market, Costco Wholesale, eBay, and Home Depot.

Operation strategy

The operations management of the company is seen to cover the different approach of considering the issues and concerns on a daily basis. The decisions are based on the prioritization of the objectives of the business (LeCavalier, 2016).

Supply chain

The warehouse of the company is depicted to having sufficient provision for the allocation supplier’s truck and goods.  The efficiency is depicted with the cost effectiveness and cost minimization programs. Moreover the SCM is integrated with ability to minimize costs. Vice President of Operations


The continuous improvement strategy is identified as main progress of the organization with TQM.

JIT Philosophy

The JIT philosophy of the company is identified with vendor managed inventory and reducing the delay in the movement across supply chain.

Forecasting method

Wal-Mart uses anticipation inventory which is considered to be similar with the maintenance of buffer inventory. This is referred with the forecasting of demand as per seasonal changes.

Statistical technique

The implementation of this technique is considered with  ABC analysis, Inventory Information System and Bullwhip Effect in Walmart’s Supply Chain.

Facility location

The location of the warehouse is identified in areas such as Cullman, Bentonville, LaGrange, North Iris Street and Illinois Highway.

Work design

The work design model is depicted with identification of  errors in managing the movement of goods and personnel management based on the same….Show More Content….

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