Week 1 Chapter Exercises

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Week 1 Chapter Exercises

Points Possible 100.0

Resubmissions Allowed? No


Complete Chapter Exercises

Chapter 1: 6 and 8

Application problem:

In 2017, the Navy performed a series of investigations relating to malfunctions with the aircraft oxygen system. The Air Force began similar tests in 2018. The tests included included in-aircraft oxygen system testing as well as both physiological response and emergency procedures testing in proxy environments. All T-45 and FA-18 aircrew participated in the data collection. The attached document contains a comprehensive review of the data that was collected, as well as the findings and recommendations of the investigation team. Briefly review the document, and then, based on what you learned in Chapter 2, explain why the aircrews that were interviewed needed to be debriefed. You should include a minimum of 3 reasons in your answer, and explain why each applies to this situation.


Week 1 Chapter Exercises

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