Week 1 discussion-Carrier Objective

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Week 1 discussion-Carrier Objective


My primary carrier objective is to be an active player in achieving organizational goals via effective implementation and planning creative ideas following business norms, policies and emerging issues. To work in a business atmosphere that will challenge my aptitudes and my substantial contribution to a company. Ideally, l am positioning myself in an environment that I will reciprocate hard-earned knowledge into practice to escalate positive impacts.

Discussion #1

Unions are still relevant and necessary as they were in the past. The organizations play pivotal roles in workplaces which are prominently asserted by the higher income of workers under the unions. The primary objective of the platforms is to prevent the exploitation of employees. However, this does not mean that they should exploit employers in return. While others argue that the unions have an adverse effect by deescalating the value of merit, Van der Linden (2017) notes that many employees not only intent on maintaining their unions they occasionally plan to for others. Nevertheless, workers want a significant say in the workplace which is achievable through other approaches such as forming workplace-committee representation. By electing their representatives independently, employees will be able to raise their issues directly to the management concerned within the organization.


Discussion #2

The movement of Lower mill women in pursuit of creating the first union of working women is a significant event in labour history. The incident occurred a half a century earlier before the well-known for workers’ rights. The women went on strike and subsequently created the first union in the history of America. Assets that the women were mobilized in politics since by then they didn’t have the right to vote. The incident is being “carried over” to the modern workplace whereby women are continuously participating in organizational mandates such as in the Human Resource department.


Van der Linden, M. (2017). Transnational labour history: explorations. Routledge.


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