Week 3- Activity 1 and 2

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Week 3- Activity 1 and 2

SUBJECT: Management and Organisations in a Global Environment

In your blog, you should address the following two sections:

1)      Section 1: list the key ideas you have extracted from the prescribed e-learning activity.

2)      Section 2: apply those ideas to your own experience, to an organisation you know and to the topic(s) of this subject.

Visit the following URLs, and use ‘Questions to consider’ to guide your thinking. Week 3- Activity 1 and 2


Week 3: Activity 1: Corporate culture and strategy

URL: ‘Culture clash: When corporate culture fights strategy, it can cost you’  http://knowledge.wpcarey.asu.edu/article.cfm?aid=31

 Questions to consider:

  1. Can you think of any examples where you experienced various culture types (Market, Clan, Adhocracy and Hierarchy culture)as a consumer to, or employee of, an organisation?
  2. If so, what is your evaluation of the aligment between its corporate culture and strategy?

Week 3: Activity 2: Definition of culture

URL: What is Organizational Culture? And Why Should We Care? http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/05/what-is-organizational-culture/

 Questions to consider:

  1. Why do you think people’s definition of culture may vary?
  2. Which definition of culture do you agree with most and why?


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