Week 5- God and Human Sexuality

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RELS3335 Week 5- God & Human Sexuality

Week 5 Lecture – Battering in Relationships

The author P. White in the book Cry of Tamar presents a number of graphics in chapter five, which might be quite informative and add to our understanding of this content within the scope of this text and this course.  If you search for other images on this topic, you probably will find your first simple attempt surrounded by images from old military weapons.  This might also provide another view into the content of this chapter from a relationship perspective.

The following is one image from of old and it might be from another time, situation, and topic, but the point in English is that words can have a variety of meanings and often ancient meanings have influenced contemporary use and may even have some image and subtle meaning for us….Show More….

Consider the following when one searches the Internet on the term “battering” many images portrayed either medieval battering rams or special tactical team’s battering rams, upon scrolling only one picture displayed battering in terms of its relation to the text. After searching for the definition of battering the meaning became clear “to beat persistently or hard; pound repeatedly” (Dictionary.com).

Although the photo that was I posted may not seem like it relates to the topic of battering as it pertains to our reading the image does show a forceful figure wishing to cause physical harm to someone or something, which shows a correlation to its meaning in this week’s readings. The individual in the photo is planning on using physical force to get what he wants, which can represent battering in terms of physical abuse due to not being submissive. The text was shocking regarding the horrible results of battering, “all too often, battering leads to death – most often the death of the woman […] and [sometimes] the death of the batterer themselves” (White, p. 126).


This chapter on battering is a good one for us to consider on how women are viewed, specifically in the bible, as unequal to men. As a lot of battered women’s first outreach for help is in the church many women have reported that their pastor had told them that they could reduce or prevent assault if they were more submissive (White, p. 143). This is an important issue as many women will not receive the help that they truly need to end the assault. Luckily, it looks as though the statistics and the church’s view on the women’s place in society is slowly progressing, “87 percent of clergy recognized the need for victims to separate from their partners” (White, p. 143). We must all be vigilant in recognizing the signs of a battered individual, as many may be afraid to seek the help that they need.

There are many quality sources with statistics on violence in relationships so when we cite any of these, be sure to include a section with insights gained or conclusions reached so the discussion can be furthered.


White, P. (2012). The cry of Tamar: Violence against women and the Church’s response (Second ed.). Fortress Press.

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