Week 8 DQ1 and DQ2 Quiz

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Week 8 DQ1 and DQ2 Quiz
Answer each question with 150 words each and use at least one scholarly source for each question.
  1. When developing and implementing an adult support group, the following important guidelines should be considered: how the group is organized, how the format of each group session is structured, and what the short-and long-term outcomes of the group are. Consider the following three adult support groups: an HIV/AIDS support group, grief group for elderly, and a domestic violence support group. What similarities do you see, and how do these similarities suggest guidelines for developing these groups?
  2. At some point in your career, you may be asked to design and implement a group for involuntary clients, such as domestic violence perpetrators, drunk drivers, substance users, abusive parents, or prison inmates. What are your thoughts and feelings about working with mandated group participants? Describe fully. How would you approach counseling differently with them than with voluntary participants? Week 8 DQ1 and DQ2 Quiz


Student Sample Answer

In my counseling profession, counseling involuntary client has been the most challenging task. Normally, mandated group participants are defiant, unwilling to participate, and in other times stressed over their being denied the right to continue with their irresponsible contact. I think involuntary clients do not want to participate in group counseling and that….Show More Content….


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