Working With Children and Young People

Working With Children and Young People

Working With Children and Young People: Ethics, Values & Practices

Assessment Strategy and Rationale

The assessment tasks for this unit are designed for you to demonstrate your achievement of each of the learning outcomes listed above. In addition, these tasks represent an opportunity to align with the particular needs of participant cohorts and their professional contexts. The total assessment will
be equivalent to 5,500 words (Graduate Certificate).

In order to pass this unit, students will be required to submit and pass all assessment tasks.

Assessment Task 1 (2,750 words equiv.)

Select a contemporary issue related to safeguarding children/young people from abuse and/or risk in schools. Consider this issue from the perspective of your context’s values and beliefs relating to safety and wellbeing of children/young people.

Prepare a 20-minute Presentation and accompanying 1000 words Briefing Paper for school leadership and/or colleagues that:

  • Explores the issue and its relevance to safeguarding children in your context, and
  • Provides professional advice which could inform a professional and organisational response to the issue in your context.

Assessment Task 2 (2,750 words)

  • Review the effectiveness of current practices and understandings of creating a culture of safety within your context.
  • Examine and critique the values and ethical perspectives evident in these practices and understandings.
  • Identify and justify with reference to relevant contemporary literature, possible opportunities for action by outlining your vision for improving and fostering a culture of safety