Workplace Environment Assessment

Workplace Environment Assessment

  1. Summary of Results – Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory

The Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory is used as an evidence-based tool that aids in raising awareness, assessing the perceived organizational health, and determine the main strengths for reinforcement and weaknesses for improvement (Clark, 2017). The Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory was used to determine our workplace’s health based on the overall civility score. The inventory was completed by carefully responding to 20 statements by checking the responses that were the most accurate representation of the workplace’s perception. The total scores of the responses amounted to 82. Low civility can result in poor patient care, unsafe working conditions, and higher medical costs (Clark et al., 2011). Therefore, the assessment results are an indication that the organization is moderately healthy based on the overall civility score. In the last two years, there have been drastic changes in our organizational leadership. The work environment assessment results reflect the ongoing negative changes brought forth by the new leaders in our organization.

  1. Surprising Facts about the Results

Transformational leadership is closely linked to healthcare workers’ perceptions on their environmental working conditions, involvement opportunities, meaningfulness, sense of influence, and well-being (Marshall & Broome, 2017). In most cases, there are issues that one perceives as organizational problems, while other members do not; likewise, some issues are deeper than recognized by the leaders. One of the most surprising things about the results was the lack of clear and visible levels of low trust among and between formal leaders and other organizational members. Another surprising thing is the lack of direct, transparent, and respectful communication across all organizational levels. One of the ideas that were evident before completing the assessment is the promotion of teamwork and collaboration among the nursing teams. Our organization has a strong mentorship and coaching program that embraces a teamwork approach to healthcare delivery, which ensures that all patients are satisfied in their healthcare encounters….End of Preview….

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