XYZ Digital Smell Technology Project

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XYZ Digital Smell Technology Project

Executive summary

The aim of this study is to investigate how different digital smell technology impact users emotions.  Distinctively, the specific objectives of this paper are to assess the impact of smells on emotional appeal and memory, to determine how smell is transmitted via internet, and to establish how digital scent technology impacts marketing. The target population comprises of 600 people with the likelihood of embracing digital smell technology making up a sample of 60 people under age brackets of 15-65 years. Survey method is to be adopted to qualify the study outcomes. Simple random sampling technique is preferably advocated for to help in selecting the participants. Data will be generated using questionnaires and analyzed quantitatively through graphs, pie charts, and tables. The validity and reliability of this research will be established by pretesting formulated questionnaires prior to the study. Ethics will entail honesty, confidentiality, willingness of participation, and protection of sources.


Research Design

Descriptive Research Design

A research design is a plan conceived to obtain answers to research questions. It provides a framework for planning and conducting a study (Goswami Mohitgiri., 2015, P. 453). There are various approaches to research design and they include: exploratory, descriptive and explanatory. This paper settled on descriptive research design to collect data, test hypothesis and answer questions concerning the current study. This design is effective since it will help XYZ to evaluate existing conditions and attitudes through observation and interpretation techniques. Descriptive design also focuses on human contexts therefore it shall portray accurate current facts through data collection for testing hypothesis to conclude the study (Salkind, 2010, p. 411). The data to be collected shall be both textual and statistical in nature therefore qualifying this design since it allows analysis of behavior, characteristics, and attitudes of a specific group. It is suitable since it allows easy understanding….Continue Reading….

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