25 words reply each question

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25 words reply each question

Q 1.

I have to say that is is appalling that child abuse is still so prevalent in society today despite stricter laws and more people looking out for children. From reading the required information this week, I was thinking that because there were more laws to protect children against abuse and neglect, that there were still so many cases and percentages that proved abuse is still happening and does not show a slowing down of abuse. I do think that police trying to ensure the safety of children who are abused, helps children to not feel so alone and helps the abuse stop. It does make me wonder that if there is not enough evidence to prove abuse is going on, then children are basically left to fend for themselves in a volatile situation. Would that mean that more abuse would have to continue and the child lose their life for someone to do something about it? In my opinion, if a person cannot gather enough evidence of the abuse happening, there should be child checks in place to continually check on the well-fare of the child and get them help before it costs them their life. I do believe that children should disclose any abuse that is going on with them, but I can understand the fear they could have of a parent getting in trouble or because they were threatened to not say anything. I do think that fears should be taken into consideration when dealing with children in possible abuse.


Q 2.

Sentencing guidelines and punishments for crimes are decided upon by legislative bodies, or in some cases by individuals appointed to a sentencing committee. Rarely are citizens allowed to actually vote upon actual sentencing practices. What are your thoughts on this; should citizens be allowed to vote upon sentencing practices or do they by default give this to their legislators when they elect them to office? Briefly explain your position on this issue. 25 words reply each question

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