Annotation Outline Assignment

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Annotation Outline Assignment

I: Bibliographic entry: APA Reference, Works Cited entry

II: First paragraph: Describe the credibility of the author. Describe the audience for the publication.

   A. Write about the author(s) and about his/her ethos. Research all named authors and if there are several, try to see what they may have in common and describe them in that manner. For example, they may all have similar degrees or attended the same graduate program. Provide a brief description of the author’s credibility to write about this topic.


III: Second Paragraph: Analyze

   A. What position is being argued? What kind of claims does the author make (definition, cause/effect, problem/solution, or value. Cover this aspect carefully and completely; quote from the article where appropriate using properly formatted in –text citations

   B. How does this writer’s overall argument compare with what other writers have had to say on this issue or topic? How has this writer’s profession, experiences, interests, or personal values influenced her/his position? Annotation Outline Assignment

   C. What sort of evidence/proof is used to back up the claims?

   D. How reliable, relevant, complete, and accurate is this evidence? How has the writer used the three appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos)? Cover this aspect carefully and completely; quote from the article where appropriate using correctly formatted in-text citations.


IV: Third Paragraph: Reflect

   A. Identify a general reaction, theme or idea, a quote, a paraphrase, or some other element from the writing that you might include in a discussion of the topic/issue you are exploring in your writing. Annotation Outline Assignment

   B. How does this source matter to your research and answer your research questions? For which audience might the material from the source be appropriate if you were making an argument to that audience/those audiences?

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