SOC10236 Assignment 1

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SOC10236 Assignment 1


Should artificial intelligence be replaced with the human intelligence in today’s life?


Artificial intelligence is a form of intelligence that is made out from machines and after ethical problem to be discussed and need analysis because we cannot be sure if these machines are creating any harm to human beings or other natural substances or their own status (Bostrom, Yudkowsky, 2014). A machine cannot be completely trusted as it can also get faulty or produce false results in case of any problems.

With the increase of artificial technology, the work of human beings is decreased which is a plus point but when we look to another part of the story, we can see that increase in the use of artificial intelligence has increased the rate of unemployment in many fields as a less number of people are required for operating these machines. All the heavy kind of work or complicated work is done by the machines having artificial intelligence or self-thinking machines. There are many plus and many negative points in case of artificial intelligence which need to be analysed thoroughly. SOC10236 Assignment 1



Sometimes, artificial intelligence is also important for the easy and quick services in
a very busy environment, but the condition is that AI should be stable and consistent.

In many fields, artificial intelligence is used as an expert consultant. Different areas like education, medical, transport and many more use artificial intelligence as their consultants. These gadget or machines loaded with AI are so intelligent that they give correct information or advice depending upon the condition and type of request. These AI machines need to keep updated every time because there should not be any case that this machine give wrong advice which may prove harmful in future (Nilsson,2014).

Many latest technologies of robotics are introduced in the nature. Many new types of robots are introduced in the market that helps to make human life much easier. Countries like US and china are making their robotics army that will fight in place of humans in the future. This will decrease human death rate in wars (Ireland, 2018).

A new type of technology was introduced which was assisted with computer systems. This technology contains different time frames and computer programs to run also known as SCHOLAR (Carbonell, 1970).

AI is an extremely troublesome logical issue, so there are awesome favourable circumstances in discovering parts of the issue that can be isolated out and independently assaulted (McCarthy, 1981).

Now a day, almost every phone has an assistant that is called “SIRI” or “GOOGLE” that listens to your demand and fulfils it provided that demand is under its control. This is also a gift of artificial intelligence (Nilsson, 2014).

Many health gadgets like heart beat sensor, blood pressure checker, diabetes checker is all collaborated in a single band or watch (Szolovits, 1982).

taking guidelines from the environment (Russell,Norvig, 2016).  This artificial intelligence is used in many fields in our day to day life. Many electronics gadgets are introduced that contains intelligent sensors which decreases the work of a human being. Also, many more inventions are made that supports artificial intelligence.

But, today this artificial intelligence or self-thinking machines has become one of the important


Should Artificial intelligence(AI) be Neutral in decision taking?

Once, there was a bank that uses machine having artificial intelligence programmed in it. That machine checks the mortgage status of people and either passes or rejects them. Suddenly, a person filed a case against that bank saying that they do racism in giving mortgage but in defending the bank claims that they don’t do all the mortgages manually, but they use machine for that. But according to survey, most of the mortgages were accepted for the white people rather than black people. The rate of accepting mortgage for black people was decreasing every year. If we observe this case carefully, the bank is not responsible for the mortgage problems but the machine for all this. The machine works according to the programming done in it. May be due to the programming, the machine gives preference to white people or rich people according to their residing addresses and rejects mortgages for black people according to their birth place or residing address (Bostrom, Yudkowsky, 2014). SOC10236 Assignment 1

According to Hofstadter (2006),” artificial intelligence is still lacing from human intelligence in many spheres. Even though, it has beaten human intelligence in many different fields but according to researchers of artificial intelligence, it is still suggested that there are some differences or lack of ability in AI that makes human better than AI. If we talk about chess, it is taken as one of the most intelligent game in which human was beaten by AI but still it is said that human intelligent is better than artificial intelligence.



Utilitarianism is the ethical theory in which we need to decide the positive and negative consequences of the act. Coming back on the topic, “Should artificial intelligence be replaced in today’s life”? Let’s discuss some of the positive and negative impacts of this.

Positive impacts of Artificial Intelligence

  1. One of the most positive impact of artificial intelligence in today’s life is that its making human life very easy and huddle less. Most of the human work is done by different gadgets or AI machines which is a plus point for the human generation.
  2. Most of the fields in today’s life are using artificial intelligence or machines that support artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in the field of education. Many important lectures are all setup online automatically only because of AI. Also, many expert consultancies are provided by the robots that are programmed with AI. In case of medical, AI acts as an expert adviser and checks all kind of diseases and provides their remedy. Also, in cars or different transportation, AI acts an important role. They provide us with GPS and auto pilot mode that with which we can just setup our destination and AI drives the vehicle on its own checking all the obstacles on the road and taking us safely to our destination. SOC10236 Assignment 1
  3. Google is introducing new robots that have AI and are used for doing all or work and makes our life pretty good and easier.

Negative impacts of Artificial intelligence

Where there are many plus points of AI, there are also many negative points that should also be taken into consideration.

  1. With the introduction of AI, human work is decreased which has lead to unemployment in many fields. I different firms and factories, most of the works are done by robots rather than human labour. This is a drawback in human life with the AI.
  2. As artificial intelligence is made by humans, so it can be programmed I any manner like good or bad. If in case, anyone program AI is evil manner, then it can become devastating for the world.
  3. This AI should be keep updated every time for different purposes as in case it is not updated, it can give false answers that can prove bad for future.


On observing both positive and negative impacts of artificial intelligence, it can be said that AI has made many changed in the nature of human beings which is also necessary for change in human life, but it cannot be replaced with human intelligence in any manner. SOC10236 Assignment 1


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