Applied Bioscience 365 Questions

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Applied Bioscience 365 Questions

15 minutes seminar presentation:

  1. Identified appropriate issue:  (Does the problem represent a valid current bioscience issue? Has the background to this problem been provided and contextualised?)
  2. Scientific approach: (Has ‘the problem’ been approached scientifically? Is the scientific content accurate? Referenced? Up-to-date? Has the information provided been critically looked at?)
  3. Have current and future considerations been looked at: (Is the presentation looking at both present and future elements? Have several possibilities been identified for future considerations (with likelihood)?
  4. Have Ethical considerations/Public understanding: (Have all appropriate ethical considerations been looked at? Where these discussed rather than listed? Have public understanding been looked at? )
  5. Flow and coherence: (Does the group appear to have met regularly to think about the overall story for the presentation?)
  6. References: (Has Harvard been used effectively both in text and in the reference section?)

15 minutes seminar presentation (this will be followed by 5 minutes Q&A) to explore a current issue in biosciences. You should choose a topic, which preferably lends itself to controversy, and consider current and future issues. Present the background scientific evidence for all points discussed, and explore ethical considerations as well as public understanding.

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