Assessment 1- Project Proposal

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Assessment 1- Project Proposal

Research proposal: you are required to write a formal individual project proposal which will be used as a basis for your scoping study

(20% weighting –2 000 words).

Assessment 1:  Project Proposal

You are required to produce a research proposal up to a maximum of 2 000 words (excluding bibliography) which you will use as the basis for undertaking your scoping study and final Masters Dissertation.


Content and structure of the research proposal


Your proposal should be presented in report format and should include the following:

At a maximum of 2 000 words, you need to think carefully how to structure your proposal. Rough guides regarding word count per section are provided below. However your choice of structure will depend on the nature of your proposal –weightings across these elements will vary depending on your choice of assessment Please liaise with the academic supervisor about this.

The report should be presented in a clear and logical manner using diagrams and charts if appropriate. It must be in report form rather than essay form and should be typed in double/1.5 line spacing and font size 12. The assessment sheet, provided by the tutor at the start of the module should be completed and inserted loose leaf in the front of the project (appendix 2).

References must include both subject specific and methodological sources and follow the

APA style

Title: Indecisive Leadership impacts on employee engagement and effective HR delivery process at Nature Landscapes (NL)


1. Problem identification, context and research objectives (600 words)

Explain the rationale for the project in terms of why it is important, its feasibility and relevance to the organisation. Your project must demonstrate an awareness of context and provide a clear statement of what it is hoped to achieve. In doing so, you must highlight the practical implications of your research and its potential to make a contribution to organisational performance. This section also requires an overall aim and more specific research objectives.

2. Review of the key literature and identification of themes/issues (600 words)

Write a brief review of the relevant models, concepts and theories to which your project relates. Your discussion should identify how these can be brought together into a basic conceptual framework (key themes/issues) that will be used to guide the project.

3. Research Methods (650 words)

Indicate the rationale for your overall approach to methodology – how does this relate to your aim and theoretical issues? Give a clear description of the more specific research method(s) to be used. Give a justification for this choice of methods and explain how the methods will be used. Provide a reflection on the strengths and potential weaknesses of your proposed approach.

4. Statement on research ethics (150 words):

Include a brief statement on ethical considerations arising from your proposed research project.

5. Proposed timetable (add as an appendix)

Present a clear and detailed timetable indicating how the research will be undertaken. This should include how many days/weeks will be spent on each of the various stages involved, and should take account of the time required by supervisors to read/provide feedback on draft material. You are advised to complete a Gantt chart for this purpose.


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