Assessment 2: Case Study Analysis

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Assessment 2: Case Study Analysis


You are the expert hired by Laburnum Group to investigate two different aspects of their business portfolio. You have been asked to provide both quantitative and qualitative analyses of inefficiencies and/or challenges identified in the following case study, and to address the specific questions raised by the top management across both the energy and clothing business portfolios of Laburnum Group.

Carefully read the Laburnum Group case study and the associated questions. Develop a report that addresses the questions asked by the top management in relation to both energy and clothing businesses of Laburnum Group. You will need to draw on theories covered in this subject as well as other academic resources (e.g. journal articles, book chapters). Make sure you carefully read the marking criteria before you start work on your assignment.

Submit your final report as a Word document, 1500 words, including your analyses and recommendations about both businesses. Remember to use the Academy of Management referencing style. (Note that your calculations and your reference list are not included in your total word count.)


Assessment 2: Case Study Analysis


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