Assessment 2- Local Health District

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Assessment 2- Local Health District

Identify a Local Health District (LHD) in NSW and answer the following questions in your OWN words.

400 words – approximately 100 per answer

  • Identify the name of the LHD in full the first time you refer to it e.g. Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD)
  • Write out each question or provide a heading as per the marking rubric – then provide your answer below it so that your marker knows exactly what they are marking
  • Don’t just cut & paste information from the LHD website – you need to put this in to your own words as much as you can

What are the values of this LHD – make reference to their mission statement and strategic goals in your answer.

  • Key words here are values, mission statement and strategic goals.
  • Be explicit in using these words and saying what they are – if you miss discussing one you will be pulled down in your marks
  • For the higher marks show the link between these three things – you will usually find there is some repetition in these areas. Assessment 2- Local Health District


What are the research priorities of this LHD – make reference to nursing in your answer.

  • Include the research priorities of the LHD overall
  • Make sure to discuss research being undertaken by nurses/research opportunities for nurses/any nursing research networks or groups or activities

What are the demographics of the population this LHD serves?

  • Demographics refers to the characteristics of a given population
  • By doing this you are relating this to the likely patient population for this LHD
  • You may find this on the LHD website or may need to go to a government website like Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Details could include
    • age ranges e.g. is this an area with an older population or young families
    • cultural makeup – including indigenous population
    • geographical makeup e.g. remote, regional or metropolitan (could be more than 1)
    • socio-economic makeup
    • map of area

Why do you want to apply for a new graduate position in this LHD?

  • This will be written in the FIRST person i.e.: “I would like to apply for position in this LHD because…”
  • You can refer back to your previous answers e.g. “I am interested in working in an organisation that has a strong and inclusive research community for nurses…”
  • You should make reference to the support offered to new graduates as part of your answer – this is what the LHD is providing to interest you in their organisation (be explicit in your wording as this is in the marking rubric).


  • You should reference the LHD website that you use to get your information
  • Include any other sources that you access e.g. ABS
  • Don’t forget a reference list too
  • This won’t be included in your word count


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