Assessment 3: Blog

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Assessment 3: Blog

Community Blog #2 (Management Team Learners)

Due: Weeks 8–10 inclusive

Length: Maximum 200 words per blog post and a minimum of one post per week

Continuing from your first Blogging experience, this second community Blog extends your knowledge of a master manager by thinking, analysing and discussing ideas and exploring the concepts of competing and paradoxical master manager characteristics.

Once again you will gather academic and other material to reflect your views on management, as well as generating an online debate about management, managerial styles and your own response to the CVF survey and resulting ‘spiderweb’.

Your task

Gather academic and other materials which reflect your views on ‘The Topic’:

Understanding the external environment is a necessary attribute of a modern tourism and hospitality manager

As we did for your first Blog assessment, you will post a summary during each week over two weeks and then actively engage in discussion and debate with a community of MTLs on the relevance and importance of your material.

The third week will see a topic/question posted by the Unit Assessor which will provide MTLs with a themed blog interaction.

A focus of this second blog is for MTLs to link your research and ideas back to some of the discussions in the first blog (Assessment 2). Although conversation and interaction are important outcomes, the linking of ideas and informed debate will result in a more informed awareness of the competencies of a Master Manager, and will allow you to actively engage with the concept of the CVF from the Qunn et al (2015) text.

Remember, to be an active ‘management team learner’ within your community, our expectation is that you will (in addition to your original summary post) access, contribute and engage in discussion at least once per week.



  1. Find at least four (4) items (3 Academic journal articles and one Multi-Media piece) that are relevant to our topic (Understanding the external enrionment is a necessary attribute of a modern tourism and hospitality manager).
  2. Prepare a blog entry for each (maximum 200 words per entry).
    Blog entry should:

    1. include a brief critical review of your chosen material
    2. outline how your material relates to the ‘The Topic’ and the themes outlined in Quinn et al. (2015) including the notion of paradox and competing values
    3. show links to your own managerial/work/personal experiences.
  3. Access your Community Blog space on the MKT01907-2018-1 Blackboard site.
  4. Post your first blog entry during Week 8.
  5. Discuss and debate within your community of ‘management team learners’ by engaging with these articles and the issues raised through them.
  6. Post your second blog during Week 9 remembering to repeat step 5 above
  7. At the start of Week 10, a final discussion blog topic/question will be provided by the Unit Assessor.

It is expected that MTLs will come together to discuss this final topic and draw upon knowledge acquired and ideas shared throughout the community blogging process. Given that it will be an open dialogue (meaning all MTLs of your community will be contributing to the one conversation at varying times and with varying regularity), you are encouraged to engage early and often to avoid being left behind in the conversation. Assessment 3: Blog

Marking criteria

  • evidence of synthesising the literature/textbook
  • evidence of idea generation and constructive comments which extend the discussion
  • identification of practical evidence and discussion
  • evidence of engaging in analytical/critical discussion and debate with MTLs.


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