Assessment 4 – Analytical Report

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Assessment 4 – Analytical Report

Presentation of your progress on Assessment 4 – Analytical Report

This presentation provides you with an opportunity to report on your progress in your tasks for assessment task 4, and to identity your key challenges and key plans, as well as your strategies to succeed. You will be provided with feedback to assist you in completing the assessment task 4.


Your presentation should cover the following items:

  1. Demonstrate your Google Site
  2. Brief introduction to your chosen company
  3. Report a summary of your analysis across the following tasks (see assessment task 4 for more information on these tasks)
    1. Supply issues (focus on a specific task)
    2. Operations issues (focus on a specific task)
  4. What are your top three challenges in relation to completing the assessment task 4? What are your plans and strategies to address these challenges?

Prepare your presentation as a recorded Zoom session (approximately 5 minutes), so that you can share your screen and demonstrate your Google Site.

  • Read the Marking Guide carefully before preparing your presentation


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