European Gender Inequality essay

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European Gender Inequality essay


Gender inequality refers to the discrimination against individuals due to their sexes. In Europe, gender inequality persists. The glass ceiling effect is still experienced across the continent, with few women holding senior leadership positions. Men and women are entitled to similar opportunities. In Europe, women lag behind men in many domains, ranging from labor market opportunities, education, salaries and payments, and political representation (Sümer, 2016). On the part of men, delayed introduction of paternal leave is also against their employment rights. This paper explains the key challenges on European gender inequality, the critical gender gaps in the EU, and the key lessons drawn for other regions.

Challenges on European Gender Inequality

Unequal employment opportunities: In Europe, gender inequality continues to persist in the employment sector. Glass-ceiling effect hinders women from securing top leadership positions, which are preserved for the male counterparts (Addabbo, Arrizabalaga, & Owens, 2016). European women are denied leadership positions in the society, business, and public sector; this challenges their growth. Currently, the rate of women employment stands at 62.5 percent against men’s 74.3 percent. European Gender Inequality essay

Unequal pay ratio: While young women find it difficult to join the labor industry as compared to their male counterparts, women are still paid less salary than men for similar jobs. Also, women have a more likelihood to take part-time jobs than men, and this interrupts with their careers and parenting (Sümer, 2016). This gender inequality is also witnessed in women’s pension schemes, which are 39 percent lower than men’s on average at Europe.

Violence against women: In the European Union, 1/3 women encounter sexual and physical violence at some point in their life. Sexual and physical assault of women is unacceptable for it goes against humanity rights (Addabbo, Arrizabalaga, & Owens, 2016). In the government, the number of women is fewer than of men. As a result, men abuse women in parliament and despise against their rights- this violence is….Show More Content….

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