Assignment 1- Research Project

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Assignment 1- Research Project


Use the template below to present your research project idea. Responses need to be written in full sentences, not in bullet points. You must attach a letter from your industry partner which should include the following details (I HAVE IT) – (i) company name and address, (ii) name, position and contact number of the owner/manager approving your proposed project, and (iii) student name approved for undertaking research in their organisation. Assignment 1- Research Project. Submit this assignment through Turnitin.


Report title What is your report’s title?
Industry partner Who is your industry partner?

Note: If you want to keep your industry partner’s name confidential, just say Company X. Provide an overview of the organisation’s background (industry, number of employees, your connection to the organisation, etc.)

Research field What is your research field/discipline?

E.g. Marketing/Human Resource Management/Knowledge management/….

Overarching problem What problems is your industry partner facing?

What specific problem will your research project explore and try to resolve?

Why is it important to solve this problem?

Overarching research aim What does your research aim to explore/investigate?

Here you have to translate your industry partner’s real problem into a specific research aim, which will guide your project.

Research questions(s) What are your research question(s?

Based on the overarching research aim, formulate research questions that will guide your project.

Literature review: Keywords used for literature search What keywords will you use?

These keywords should help you find relevant literature in the area of your research problem.

Literature review: Name 2 relevant articles Provide full details (in Harvard style) of at least 2 relevant articles/reports you will use for your literature review.

You must only use (peer-reviewed) journal articles. If you are doing a feasibility study, you may cite industry reports published by credible sources.

Company letter See details above (read the section ‘Requirements’)


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