Assignment 2-Situation Analysis

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Assignment 2-Situation Analysis

Based on what you’ve learned so far in this course, regarding the 5 Cs, 4Ps, and STP, complete the assessment questions below. Submit the completed template in the Week 10 assignment submission link.


Professor’s Name:

Course Title:


Company/Brand Selected (Jeep Cherokee Automobiles, Amazon, or Google):


  1. Customers

Who are the current customers/users? Include information related to demographics, psychographics and buying behavior, price sensitivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty. focuses on the users of its product since this determines success in this competitive retail industry. However, Amazon has 244 million active customers whose accounts have purchased in the last one year. Amazon targets both adults and children of all sex.  Amazon offers customers with a wide range of products that conform to lifestyle and personalities. The price of its different brand products are fair and consider income levels and location of consumers. The computing, application software, and other product listings of Amazon enable consumers purchase tools, clothing and cosmetics online and this is very attractive to children. The product brands of Amazon appeals to all its target markets due to price sensitivity, customer satisfaction, and consumer purchasing power.


What do the customers buy/use?

Customers of use trusted online payment mode when buying and paying retail products such as bricks, motor, clothing, tools and equipment, sporting, and other products.

What changes can the company/brand expect in the future? How can the company/brand better serve its customers? Include information about potential opportunities and threats.


  1. Expansion of business to new markets
  2. Entering new developing markets in the world
  3. Boosting measures to lower counterfeit sales


  1. Brand imitation from competitors
  2. Stiff competition from retail companies
  3. Increased cybercrimes and insecurity

In the future, the company must expect stiff competition from competitors who are imitating them. To increase profitability, Amazon must focus on diversifying its retail operations to developing countries to remain….Continue Reading….




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