Assignment 3: Design with UML

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Assignment 3: Design with UML

CIS 353 Project Requirements and Design

Package Diagram

Click here to see the Package Diagram

Fig. 3.1: Package Diagram of the ABS Staffing Process

Fig. 3.1 shows how the relationships between all packages affect the outcome of the staffing process. Each package in the diagram describes a logical grouping based on all the UML elements (Tegarden, Dennis, & Wixom, 2012). The packages are used to simplify different elements and classes into a single high-level element. The staff package is composed of the ABS clients’ class, which identifies the relationship in the class (Sannier, 2011). The need for staffing and class initiates the issuing of a request for the given class. It means that ABS will require formulating an employment plan that is a detailed presentation of the qualifications needed for candidates, number of candidates and the jobs descriptions present within ABS client’s firm….Show More Content….

Verification and Validation Walk-Through of the Package Diagram

For the validation of the Package Diagram, we derive it primarily from the class diagram, communications diagram, and the CRUDE matrix figure (Tegarden et al., 2012). From Fig. 3.1, the identified packages, namely staffing, contract, recruiting and placement, are part of the problem domain in the ABS Company’s staffing….Show More Content…. The relationship between the staff package and contract package shows how, when the ABS clients issue a staffing request, which can either be accepted or denied. If accepted, it goes to the recruiting package; however, if it is rejected, it is issued back to ABS clients with reasons for rejection and recommendations based on the contract the clients have with ABS. The relationship between the contract package and recruiting package is fluid after validation of said request. The relationship between the recruiting package and placement package, on the other hand, depends on availability of a qualified candidate that meets the staffing request’s qualification or needs. If a recruit is not found internally, the recruiting department informs the placement department, which issues an external recruitment procedure, which is then undertaken by the recruiting department. Assignment 3: Design with UML

The Classes in the Structure Model



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