Assignment 5: Annotated Bibliography

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Assignment 5: Annotated Bibliography

Weighting of Assignment: 10% of total grade

Main assessment focus

To summarize and apply critical evaluation of selected research sources.

Assignment Brief

The annotated bibliography should show that you have done sufficient research reading to be able to complete your first draft of the research paper and demonstrate your understanding of what you have read. It should also clearly illustrate that you know which elements of the sources will support different arguments and perspectives in your paper.

Task description:

  • Select three sources from your detailed outline and two new sources that you plan to use in your research paper (total of 5).
  • These should include a minimum of three from academic journals; all should be good quality / reliable sources.
  • IEEE style citations must be given for each source.
  • Write a brief summary of each text, focusing only on information relevant to your thesis and research paper arguments.
  • Explain exactly how each of these texts/articles are relevant (how you will use each text/article) in your paper. In other words which argument/theme/ supporting point each text/article relates to and how with reference to your Detailed Outline Assignment.
  • You must include one relevant short quote (no more than 20 words) for each annotation used in this assignment (with correct IEEE citation notation).
  • Be sure to follow all formatting and submission requirements.
  • Each annotation section should not exceed 110
  • Be sure to paraphrase. Zero tolerance will be applied to ‘cut and paste’ activity! Assignment 5: Annotated Bibliography


Rubric for Annotated Bibliography

Mark band Grading Criteria


  • All sources are appropriate
  • Effective research-paper informed summary
  • Clear and convincing explanations of how and where sources will be used in the planned essay
  • High level of accuracy in writing
  • Citations clear and complete.

Good / satisfactory

  • Most sources are appropriate.
  • Mostly effective research-paper informed summary
  • Clear explanations of how sources will be used in the planned essay
  • Usually reasonably high level of accuracy in writing
  •  Citations mainly clear and complete.

Partially satisfactory

  • Some sources are appropriate
  • Partially effective research-paper informed summary
  • Some explanations of how sources will be used in the planned essay
  • Usually reasonable level of accuracy in writing
  • Citations somewhat clear and complete
11 or less


  • Few sources are appropriate
  • Ineffective research-paper informed summary
  • Little or no explanations of how sources will be used in the planned essay
  • Usually poor level of accuracy in writing
  • Citations often unclear and incomplete
Mark / 20  

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