Australian Engineering Practice

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Australian Engineering Practice

Learning outcome 1: Explain the historical impact of engineering on society

The practice of engineering does not exist outside the domain of societal interest. This implies that engineering practices have an unavoidable impact on the society. In the 19th century, Australian society founders were the most prominent and innovative engineers. Prior to 1920, some Australian engineers made positive impacts on the society through technical innovations. However, other engineering practices led to project failures and resulted in loss of lives in the society. Student Sample: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Edward Hargraves was the first Australian engineer to discover gold in a waterhole near Bathurst. The intersection of scientific knowledge with societal needs made his innovation a success. The mining of gold in Australia contributed to socio-economic growth in the country where the society got access to more jobs in the sector. The project of Edward benefited the society greatly and offered a tangible impact on the population growth and survival of most Australians. He further modified his scientific research by creating various structures, home appliances, and other infrastructure tools and equipment that safeguarded human lives and brought convenience to the society (Male, Bush, and Chapman, 2009, p. 882). The proper arrangement of technological innovations by engineers depends on the society.

The major project of Edward Hargraves was launching the Victoria Gold Rush in Australia. In this project, the engineer possessed creative and innovative skills of cradling mining methods and discovering the gold (Male, Bush, and Chapman, 2011, p. 160). The engineers portrayed excellent technical and technological know-how in this project. His experience in California made him excel in his gold rush project in Australia. The knowledge of cradling also enabled Edward to sift and sediment large amounts of golds in a more creative manner. Also, this engineer was hardworking, focused, and determined to discover the gold and this contributed to his gold rush project success. Despite his failure at California, Edward did not give up; he proceeded to Australia where he applied the concepts used in California in this project. As a result, the gold rush project benefited the society in terms of job creation and economic growth….Read More…

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