BHT4005 – Transport Economics

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BHT4005 – Transport Economics and Policy


Written assignment

Report. Word count 2500 words.

The assignment constitutes 30% of the module mark.

 Assignment Brief: Critically discuss two transport policy mechanisms, one demand-side (stick) and one supply-side (carrot), that modern cities committed to sustainable transport management employ for controlling the disbenefits of the excessive usage of private cars.

 Explanation: Discuss a transport measure with which local and/or national policy-makers could encourage people to voluntarily change their travel behaviour and one that could force people to limit the usage of private cars. To support your answer, you should include examples of successful UK and international transport initiatives.

 Submission Date: The report must be submitted before 15:00 on 4th February 2019.

Format:       Cover page

Executive Summary

Contents List

Table of Figures (if appropriate)

Main body – including among others introduction and conclusions


Appendix (if appropriate)

Your work must be fully referenced using APA6 Referencing (including referencing of websites used). In your research you are expected to use standard literature on road user charging, current articles from academic journals and professional journals and if applicable consultancy reports (available from the internet) and company reports. Wikipedia as a resource is not accepted. Your work must be critical in nature and the use of language should be of appropriate academic standard corresponding to your level of study. BHT4005 – Transport Economics

Any deviations from these specifications will lead to a lower mark.


You are required to submit an electronic version of the report only. The electronic version is to be uploaded onto Turnitin assignments on the module’s Brightspace site.


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