Reflection: Group Member Process 

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Reflection: Group Member Process

Reflective account (5%)

Each individual student must submit a reflective account (maximum 800 words) critically analysing how the group members managed the group processes associated with completion of the assignment and what personal contributions you were able to make and personal learning you achieved. The aim of this assignment is to enhance your learning by reflecting upon your action learning experience. It should provide a story of your growing understanding of the topic, demonstrate how your learning is developing, and help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

In particular, you should reflect on the following:

  • What leadership thoeries/concepts were you able to refined and develop a better understanding by working in this group?
  • Did you identify differences and/or similarities between yourself and the rest of the group and why do you think this was the case?
  • What did you find the most beneficial and most difficult aspects of completing this assignment in a group?


This report might usefully include some relevant background on group processes but the most important element from an assessment perspective is your critical analysis of the group and learning that you will take into future group projects either at university or at work.

You might also critically evaluate (reflect on) your experience from the following perspectives:

  • How would you describe the project to someone else? Was the project easy? What aspects were easy and why? What aspect was the hardest and why? What points were the most interesting to you?
  • How has this project changed your view on leaders and organisational leadership?
  • How will this project be useful in your university/employment activities?
  • How did the group approach the project including allocation of workload amongst the group?
  • What were your contribution to the group project and how do you compare its significance to the outcome of the project?
  • How do you assess your contribution to the project in comparison to the contribution made by other group members?
  • Did you feel that all group members contributed equally? If so, which group processes were important in achieving this? If not, why did this not happen, and what would you change next time to improve the situation? Reflection: Group Member Process 
  • What were the most beneficial and most difficult aspects for you personally of completing this assignment?
  • What was the most important learning for you from your group work and is there anything that you will change next time.

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