Brand Audit- Assignment

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Brand AuditAssignment

Assignment 30%

(Written 20%; Oral 10%)

1. Marketing Mix:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotions

2. Brand Exploratory; Consumer Knowledge, Resonance Pyramid, Competitive Analysis (research needed especially in this section)

3. Strategic Recommendations

  • Positioning
  • Points of Parity/Difference, Brand Mantra

4. Tactical Recommendations….up to you… additional to support overall recommended strategy

– What are the goals for the brand


Branding Implementations

– What are the areas of the business that need to change Employee, management (owner), culture, values, customer relations, brand exposure…

– How will you implement those changes to Training, control and reward systems, interior designs, external brand expression (logo, marketing, social events)…

Ongoing and new initiatives should be considered at a strategic level (brand positioning and extension, product and geographical portfolios, etc.) and at a tactical level (names, logos, designs, packaging, communications, etc.).  These should be considered within the scope of the current business. Brand AuditAssignment

8. References follow APA format

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