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BUSI 303 Faith and Integration Forum

Discussion Board Forum Faith and Integration Forum Three Instructions BUSI 303


Discussion Board Forum Replies Instructions

You will then reply to 2 different classmates’ threads with a thoughtful consideration of the Discussion Board Forum thread topic and marketing application made by the student initiating the thread. Each reply must be at least 100 words each, not including abstract, title page, or references.  This is a direct reply as if you were speaking directly to the student, not to me.

Faith and Intergration Q2

Question 2: The global economy is one based heavily on the use of debt and principles of monetary leverage.  Discuss the pros and cons of using debt and leverage from the Biblical Worldview.


Pros, without borrowers we would have no economy. Borrows often use borrowed funds to free up cash flow. Any may cases these funds are used to create more jobs either by expanding a existing business or starting a new business venture. These are great examples of how debt and principles have a positive effect on many lives. Americans have benefitted in some ways from struggling economy  The Federal Reserve has been forced in recent years to keep interest rates down in order to stimulate the economy. This has answered many prayers for people who may not have been able to qualify for homes and vehicle in the past.

Cons, For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1 Timothy 6:10. Interest rates being down and money being plentiful can also bring on debt. As Americans we love new shiny things going in debt to have these things can be evil. Monetary leverage in these examples does no good. Rather they create more greed.

Direct Reply to Student #2 Charissa Thread:

Chapter 7: BWV Application

Visit Allow the Children ministry at their website and answer the four aspects as listed in number 1 above.

(1)   Provide a brief overview about the organization:

The organization seeks to bring glory to God by imitating Christ through their outreach efforts. They are strong believers in the Great Commission—to be witnesses in all the world of what God has done and to make disciples of all people like it says in Matthew 28. They endeavor to partner with the local church as their main way to reach people and show them Christ. They desire to connect with other ministries worldwide and create good relationships with them. They want to model good stewardship under God’s authority.

(2)   Identify and briefly describe the different global mission ministries and projects they are involved with and support. 

Their main efforts in building the kingdom have their focus on children’s homes, church sponsorships, village evangelism, working with national pastors, medical ministries, and with American churches and Believers. They raise support for children through local churches. They use this support to help the children of ministers overseas so that they can continue their work, or to help orphans who have no other help. Their village evangelism works with strong believers in the location they are reaching out to and helping expand their impact. Their medical ministries allow pastors to meet people they would likely not have interacted with before. They also partner with American churches to raise support for churches overseas, pray for them, or to actually go to the country and help.

(3) Is their focus in one or multiple countries?

They focus on the countries of Burundi, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Nepal and Nicaragua.





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