Business Model Video Transcription

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Business Model Video Transcription

The business model involves the plan for the business showing the operation of the organization with the target of generating profits. Two business models namely the profit and set of capabilities and resources models are used by the company.

Business model as a set of capabilities and resources

  • Basing on the analysis, the organization works smart in the utilization of the resources available with the aim of ensuring that the costs of the resources used at low.
  • In the process of production, resources are key to success making the Domino’s Pizza use effective technologies and branding approaches in order to get the best end product
  • Additionally, the organization focuses on the value generations in order to enhance best returns.
  • specificity and perspective of the clients in order to ensure favorable competition by the company. The clear distinction image of the organization is clearly created by the company facilitating the firm to stand differently on the market sphere.
  • Some of the approaches being embraced by the organization entail adaptive capabilities, innovative capabilities, networking capabilities and dynamic capabilities enhancing the growth of the organization Business Model Video Transcription


Business model as a profit formula

  • Following the approach, the business works hard to ensure that value is provided to the customers as it makes money for its growth.
  • In the model, the business establishes the number of clients it will have and the units per customers per transactions to be made. The approach is based on revenue model aspect
  • In the model, both the fixed costs as well as the variable costs are well analyzed by the business venture.
  • The aspect of the target unit margin is regarded too. In this aspect, the organization has been able to align transactions that yield in order to cover the overhead costs with the view of establishing profits.
  • Resources velocity is also regarded in this aspect such that the organization designs the speed of using resources with the target of making profits speedily

Company findings

  • In the video description of the company’s findings basing on the model, it is clear that the video will regard crucial aspects such as its plans as availed by the model, the opportunities created by the company.
  • Human characters will be vital in the video to portray clear pictures.   In this regard, the first character will represent the initial position of the organization showing how it is in its worse state before the new model is introduced.
  • The next character will be used to demonstrate how the local shops are strong in competing the organization.
  • It will then be followed by showing the changes the company will have taken as required in the new model, therefore, branding the organization a different image to the public.
  • In considering this aspect, the company will show the increment in sales. Thus, the complete video of the organization in using the model will be shown in full.




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