Sustainability Issues in Australia

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Sustainability Issues in Australia and its Economy

Question: Draft an essay about accommodating and ensuring the well -being of refugee populations. ORDER NOW

Sustainability of activities in any given society leads to improvement of living standards, environmental conservation, and economic growth. There are various sustainability issues I have come across in different sectors. If education is sustainable, it will increase employability and reduce crime levels. In the health sector, if the services are efficient and sustainable, this will reduce mortality rates that are sometimes very high. Sustainable security will reduce fear and increase confidence among the people as they work. Sustainable environmental conservation will ensure that natural resources do not get depleted. Transport and infrastructure are the primary determinants of how factors of production are moved from place to place. They should thus be efficient and upgraded when need be.

In Australia, the issue of refugees’ welfare is of great interest. This is mainly because; in the recent past, there have been very many people moving to Australia to seek refuge mainly from Syria and Iraq. The government has provided them with food and shelter. When the refugees are too many, the government starts by taking in those facing the highest risks. For the refugees to be able to sustain themselves in the future, they have been provided learning tools. Additionally, they are taught the local language to be able to interact with the local people. Moreover, they receive health care and access legal advice at no charge. This, therefore, improves sustainability for the refugees, and they can improve their living standards and contribute to economic growth. ORDER NOW

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