Business Models Threats

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Business Models Threats – Commonwealth Bank

Organizations need to compete favorably enhancing the growth of its businesses through attainment of a new market segment, change in the product as well as new operation plans through the launching of the business model. The business model thus entails a plan of the business describing the operations of the business in order to realize the set goals.  The models show how the business creates, delivers and captures values (Bock, Opsahl, & George, 2010). Important aspects such as the purpose of the business, the target market, company process, structure of the organization, its culture and overall operational business. Customers are able to understand the meaning of the business and therefore they are able to cooperate accordingly with the view of benefiting themselves as well as the business. Business disruption entails innovative approaches that target at creating new market and value networks such that the existing ones are disregarded. The newly created values ensure that new markets are reached overtaking the existing ones. For every business to succeed there is the need for such organization to design models that ensure that the organization adjusts accordingly to achieve independence, product optimization and combat threats encountered (Baden-Fuller& Morgan, 2010). The paper gives an analysis of the threats in designing new models, the opportunities, findings, the conclusion as well as a video summing up these ideas.

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In the analysis, the organization needs to regard the core values of the business, for example, the Commonwealth bank’s business models consider attaining various core values such as excellence, integrity, collaboration, accountability and effective service delivery. The organization using this approach will ensure that the management proposes to the customers the value created for them when they engage with the company. The economic value of the revenue model is captured that aligns the operation of the business (McGrath, 2010).

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