Canadian Democracy Assignment 1

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Canadian Democracy Assignment 1

Choose one of the following topics:

Please remember to make explicit what you believe a well-functioning democracy is/looks like (this is your frame)?

  1. Describe the differences in governing styles of majority versus minority governments, and explain which governing style is preferable and why?
  2. Why are there not more women in Parliament? How would you change that, or do you need to?
  3. Is Constitutional reform required to make Canada more democratic in Canada? If so, how would you go about it? Or why don’t you need to?
  4. Does the Prime Minister have too much power? How would you reduce it, or why is the power necessary for democratic health in Canada
  5. What are the functions of political parties? Do they serve the democratic good? Discuss.


Your analysis should be follow the usual essay form, including an introduction, thesis summarized in a clear statement on the first page, followed by analysis. The reader should be very clear on what you are arguing, and there should be an opposing view that you
acknowledge in the essay. While the balance of the response will defend your argument, (at minimum 2 pages) you should also acknowledge the counterargument and seek to demonstrate that your argument is superior. Canadian Democracy Assignment 1

Each response should be 8 pages double spaced (no longer than 8 pages excluding the bibliography and title page), 12 pt Times New Roman font with standard margins. Include a title page with your name, the date, the course number, and your TA’s name. A minimum of 4 academic sources should be cited, not including course readings. All assignments will be graded using a course rubric which your TA will provide.

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