Case Study: Adidas Sustainability Priorities

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Case Study: Adidas Sustainability Priorities

Adidas Sportswear Company Overview

Adidas is a high end athletics Germany multinational company that came into existence in 1949. It is based in Herzogenaurach and specializes in shoes, clothing and accessories. Adidas is the largest sportswear in Europe and the second largest in the world. The company commands $ 19.29 billion total revenue and serves as a major company in the global supply of team kits. It also holds the decorum of the bestselling boots company in the football world. Adidas enjoys a strong brand loyalty (Yu, 2017, P. 235). This sportswear company controls a staff of approximately 60,000 producing more than 840 product units annually. The second largest sportswear company works under a slogan that ties all its brands together to unite its clients who are interested in sports, music, fashion and pop culture.  Adidas takes pride in striking a balance between shareholders expectations, employees concerns, and other workers within their supply chain, customers, and the environment at large. The company overhauls the need of remaining significance within its surroundings therefore stresses on responsible business and commitment to respect human rights for a successful lasting economic impact. Adidas strives to become a more sustainable industry with a dynamic growth pattern. To achieve this, the management has continuously improved its innovative and technological skills, set a pace for sustainability, and established alternative ways of overcoming bottlenecks through sustainable strategic plan.


Adidas Competitive Advantage

Adidas uses the concept of added value to influence its customers. The management has directed its efforts towards maintaining quality for its customers to beat its rivals such as Nike, Puma and Timberland.  The company uses strategies such as technology advancement and innovation, intense marketing promotion, and customer involvement (Marken, 2016, P.4).

Technology Advancement and Innovation

Adidas is a successful enterprise that invests in technological advancement and innovative ideas to enhance excellent product development. This is a strong competitive advantage that works for the good of the….Continue Reading….

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