Case Study- Build-it Stores

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Case Study- Build-it Stores


Build-it store is a chain of do-it-yourself (DIY) store in Sweden. A build-it store is a service company but not a product company. This store is modeled on the same line as home depot and an American company, but they do not enjoy the same levels of profits. This store provides services like shop services, professional services example teaching, mass services, and service factory. A Preview: ORDER NOW


i) The services in build-in stores are not consistent- the services offered by built-it stores are not the same all the same some other time they keep on changing. According to Marcus, some time they find excellent services in the store. Some other time they see that employees are not in the mood of serving them hence they end up getting a wrong thing. This makes the service in the build-it store not consistent at all.

ii) The staff members of build-in stores are not trained or well competent – in built-it stores, there are some employees who do not know what they are doing. They end up directing the customers in the wrong way. According to Marcus, sometimes the employees are not interested in the projects people bring to the store. This is because they do not have any idea about them or they are not well trained with those hence they end up being losing the interest of serving the customers. Also according to Frederick, one should go to the store when he or she knows what they want. This will reduce time wastage because mostly the employees are not familiar with the projects people bring to the store hence they may give wrong directions.

iii) The customers of build-in stores are not happy with the services offered – some customers of the build-in store are not delighted with the services provided there. According to Jenny, every time she goes to the store she feels intimidated. This is because there is a lot of stuff in the store she does not have a clue about it. This makes her give up hence she ends up paying another person to do the work the employees of the build-in store could have done. Also according to Frederick, he goes to the store when he knows what he wants. Sometimes he is not happy because he waits for long to be served because the employees are busy discussing the projects with people who don’t know what they want.

iv) Most customers of build-in stores are lost- this is because they do not seem to know the services built-in stores offer thus the feel intimidated. According to Jenny, every time she goes to the store she feels scared….Continue Reading

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