CDU Library Swot Analysis

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CDU Library Swot Analysis


SWOT analysis is considered as a system for recognizing and dissecting the interior and outer components that can affect the practicality of an undertaking organization, product, place or individual. The arrangement of SWOT examination is credited to Albert Humphrey, who attempted the approach in the 1970s at the Stanford Research Institute. Delivered for business and in perspective of data from Fortune 500 associations, the SWOT examination has been grasped by relationship of different sorts as a manual for choosing. A SWOT examination is every now and again used toward the start of or as a noteworthy part of a key organizing exercise. The framework is seen as a proficient help for essential initiative since it enables a component to uncover open entryways for advance that were previously suggested or to highlight risks before they end up being exorbitantly troublesome. CDU Library Swot Analysis

SWOT investigation can help the basic leadership process by making a visual portrayal of the different elements that are well on the way to affect whether the business, task, activity or individual can effectively accomplish a target. A SWOT lattice is regularly used to compose things recognized under every one of these four components. A SWOT grid is normally a square separated into four quadrants, with every quadrant speaking to one of the particular components. Decision makers distinguish and list the strengths in the first quadrant, weaknesses in the following, then opportunities and at last would be the threats.[1]


This purpose of this report would be to conduct a SWOT analysis for the website of the Charles Darwin University Library. At the first glance the background information of the Charles Darwin University and also the university Library would be provided with the organizations vision, mission and values.

[1] Rouse,Margaret. 2014. What is SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis)? Accessed 14 Mar. 2018

Profile of the Organization

Charles Darwin University is a leader in education in Australia with other campuses located in Casuarina and Alice Springs has been ranked among the top two percent in the global rankings as per the Times Higher Education report. The campus is structurally a multi-sector university. The University prides itself as an education center that specializes in providing training avenues and education in technical education, and higher education gives customized classes that provide maximum attention to learners through classes that are small with a low instructor-to-student ratio is a member of innovative Research network in Australia.

Charles Darwin Vision

The university aspires to become a global multipurpose center of academic excellence[1]. The strategic location of the campus that positions it in the Northern Territory and the only Australian campus closest to the Asian region, the university envisions to expand and make a significant contribution to the pressing yet important matters of Australia through knowledge and education.

CDU aims at preparing graduates for succession in an ever-sophisticated environment, diverse and well-networked world and aims to be the leading contributor of transformative skills and learning focus on improving quality, equitable access and enhance growth. CDU also aims at increasing engagements with various governments, industries and other relevant stakeholders i….Show More Content….

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