CNL-501 Prevention Questions

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CNL-501 Topic 5: Prevention Questions

Directions: Provide short answers of 100-150 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 200 words for your response. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly resources to support your responses.

*Include at least two to three peer-reviewed journal articles beyond the textbook and course readings.

What is the difference between prevention and treatment? ORDER NOW


Some organizations take prevention programs into high schools. What might that look like in terms of goals and procedures?


Some prevention programs are supported by government funding. Identify and describe if this is a positive or negative situation for the organization.


If a client thought their nonclient dependent was at risk for a substance use disorder and asked you for resources, which resources or suggestions would you provide and why? ORDER NOW


What is a program needs assessment and what types of data are gathered in needs assessments?


Part 2:

By now, you understand that prevention programs are implemented before individuals start using or drinking problematically. Relapse prevention, on the other hand, is actually an intervention that occurs after the individual has a problematic addiction. Relapse Prevention Models are designed to help people avoid and overcome triggers that lead to relapse. Select one of the following relapse prevention models below and describe how the model will help in the recovery process?  ORDER NOW

Marlatt & Gordon model of relapse prevention

Sstages of change: maintenance (Prochaska and Diclemente)

Cognitive behavioral model of relapse prevention

Mindfulness-based recovery models

Motivational interviewing approach

Family-based relapse prevention

Gorski-CENAPS model of relapse prevention

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