Collaborative partnership arrangement

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Collaborative partnership arrangement

You are required to develop a collaborative partnership arrangement for an organization you have access to or for simulated organization. The partnership should be between a business and a community group(which may be public or private)

This assessment task requires you to,

  • Demonstrate and model skills and knowledge to foster partnerships, conduct stakeholder consultation and use strategic and stakeholder consultation and use strategic and personally enhancing communication skills.
  • Develop collaborative approaches to enhance individual, team and organizational outcomes
  • Initiate and implement partnerships in line with relevant regulatory, employment and organizational requirement.

In completing the task, you are required to,

  • Outline the legislative and regulatory context of the organization.
  • Outline the organization’s mission, purpose, values, objectives and strategies
  • Explain techniques that cultivate collaborative relationships and partnerships
  • Explain the external context including social, political, economic and technological developments.
  • Explain emotional intelligence and its relationship to individual and team effectiveness
  • Explain the organizational transformation and the management of the stages of change


Memorandum of understanding –

  • Partner organizations

Name, title, organization and address (principal place of business )


Name, title, organization and address ( principal place of business

  • Duration of agreement
  • Rational/ scope – include a statement of purpose, description of expectations and justification for the partnership
  • Goals and objectives- include description of the goals and objectives
  • Roles and responsibilities – partnership advisory group, fostering collaboration, removing obstacles to the partnerships successful delivery, advisory group commit to advisory group meetings, sharing all communications and information across all group members, making timely decisions and take actions, notify members of the partnership group, attending all meetings and if necessary nominating a proxy
  • Governance structure and reporting- including a description of the governance structure and reporting and reporting responsibilities
  • Meetings- include a description of when and how meetings will be conducted. Eg- all meetings will be chaired by (name, position )a meeting quorum will be (insert the number), decisions will be made by consensus, meeting agendas and minutes will be provided by (name), meeting will be held(how often), meeting agendas and minutes will be provided by (name,position),
  • Reporting – describe the reporting process that will be put in place to ensure progress reports, communications, minutes from meetings etc are delivered in the required timeframe.
  • Communication-, information sharing and consultation process. – include and outline of how information and data that is gathered by the partnership is t be handled by all parties to the agreement. Include confidentiality considerations
  • Advertising- the partnership organization is to be acknowledged in all promotional materials like newsletters, media releases, brochures, flyers, annual reports, event programs.
  • Conflict resolution- in this important section, describe the process for resolving disputes that may arise among the partners to the agreement.
  • Termination- the MOU constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto . this MOU may be modified, altered, extended and renewed by mutual written consent of all parties, any party to this MOU may terminate their participation in this MOU by giving not less than calendar days prior written notice of intent to terminate to each of thr partners , in such case, termination by one or more of the parties to this MOU does not alter the terms or obloigations of the other parties to this MOU
  • Review and evaluation – determine the timeframe for reviews for the duration of the MOU and include reference review


Set out plans methods to determine whether the partnership has met objectives.

  • Include how to get feedback from partners and any other key players who can provide information on the effectiveness of the partnership
  • Resources- identify the equipment, resources and materials facilities that can be contributed by partners members.

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