COR160: Academic Writing Skills

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COR160: Academic Writing Skills

Tutor Marked ASSIGNMENT 2

The smartphone enables employees to achieve work-life balance. Do you agree or disagree with this claim?


Smartphones have made recognition in the evolution world of technological innovations, for its in-built sophisticated technology that makes it ubiquitous, protean and readily accessible device in the planet. In today’s context apart from money and keys, smartphone has become an essential survival tool in every individual that is inextricable. Recent statistical data from Statista, foresees the number of smart phone users increasing from 2.1 billion in 2016 to approximate 2.5 million in 2019 (Statista, 2018). Hence, with such vast market significance are smartphones enabling or disabling employees to achieve their desired work-life balance?

Define work-life balance

Firstly, let’s comprehend the definition of work-life balance. According to Wikipedia the definition of ‘work-life balance’ is a concept of including the proper prioritization between work and lifestyle (Wikipedia, n.d.).

So, how do we know what is the correct balance?  There is no definite or conclusive formula for the equation of work-life balance. Evaluation varies in accordance to individual’s personal values and priorities on both work and lifestyle.


Health hazards associated with prolong usage of smartphones

Now that we have evaluated what is needed on our part, are we in compliance of the same. 2016 Survey report from Deloitte showed that Americans collectively check their smartphones approximate 8 billion times per day. Similarly, another study from the University of Texas, Austin revealed that a person’s cognitive capacity is significantly reduced by the sheer presence of a smartphone within vicinity even though off (Science Daily, 2017 June 23). COR160: Academic Writing Skills

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