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Computer Science Assignment

Migrating part of a commercial organization’s legacy computing infrastructure to the cloud

A private low-budget airline wishes to migrate its flight booking/passenger reservations sub-system currently held on the airline’s in-house corporate servers to the cloud.

The planned migration has been prompted primarily by difficulties handling the spikes in flight bookings and passenger reservations during the summer and holiday periods, when there is elevated demand for flights.

You have been asked to provide general advice and guidance on the steps that need to be taken to successfully implement the cloud migration. ORDER PAPER NOW

To prepare for this Assignment:

Carry out the following tasks –

  • Provide concise suggestions for cloud service(s) and deployment models. Also, indicate what standards should be considered for virtualization and other aspects of cloud operations.
  • Map out, in outline form, the steps that you would expect to be taken to migrate the airline flight bookings sub-system to the cloud. The steps should make allowance for business continuity planning, as well as offer provisions for future business growth and disaster recovery contingency planning.
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services (GCS) are three well-known organizations that offer cloud solutions. Compare the cloud-related commercial offerings of these three companies, primarily in terms of functionality, performance, scalability, degree of standardization, ease of use, costs and any other characteristics you find relevant. You should do this by accessing and reviewing the information available on their respective websites. Make a recommendation, on the basis of your comparative assessment, as to which of the three commercial cloud services offerings would be preferred for migrating the airline’s legacy computer system to a cloud-based scheme.



4-5 Harvard references is required

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