Mark & Spencer Business News

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Mark & Spencer Business News

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is a UK based company that operates in the retailer industry.  An article published in The Guardian by Scarlet Conlon talks about Mark & Spencer’s fashion objective for creating simplicity in womenswear (Scarlett, 2019). M&S has been doing its utmost business in order to stay relevant and survive in the retail industry. At the preview of M&S’s 2019 summer and spring collection, the message is upholding simplicity and womenswear consistency. As per The Guardian, the key focus is making M&S great, competitive, and strongly positioned in the retail industry.


As per The Guardian, womenswear is among the most demanded product in the retail and fashion sector (Scarlett, 2019). The 2019 goals of M&S fashion managers are achieving consistency of the so as to strengthen customer loyalty and streamline collections to ensure that the womenswear under their custody appeals to diverse customer segments in terms of age groups. These age groups range from sporty girl, pretty girl, to the classic girl (Scarlett, 2019). The womenswear product will be placed into three collections: M&S collection, Autograph, and the best-selling Per Una (Scarlett, 2019).

In the modern fashion retail industry, the focus has shifted from “outfitting” to “wardrobing” (Scarlett, 2019). This enables customers make a choice of pieces from across the collections that complement each other and meet the high-low mix that customers crave. This move signals the fate of the headline-grabbing single items that existed in the market in the past. M&S has a diverse business, and thus must be winning across all portfolios in order to be successful (Scarlett, 2019). Finally, the focus for summer and spring will be denim, where customers have a diverse mix of fashions to select from.


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